Monday, 24 May 2010

Helping the Third Years

For this module we are supposed to partner with a third year whose area of animation is similar to our own so we can learn from them and help them with their final major project. Unfortunately only one third year seems to specialise in my preferred area of 2D Flash animation, and there doesn't really seem to be much I can do for him at this stage. So instead I have offered to help with the pre-production for Natasha Williams' 3D animation since she needs help rewriting/drawing her storyboard due to her current animatic being far too long. Her character designs and general story idea have already been formed, so it is simply a case of me going through her story and removing any scenes I feel are unnecessary, while reworking the remaining scenes to maintain the flow of the story after the cuts. I feel quite confident doing this as I've had experience in cutting down my own storyboards in order to fit advertising time slots (as most TV adverts only run for about 30-40 seconds and my initial ideas where usually far too long-winded to fit into this time frame) for past projects. Considering Natasha's storyboard currently runs over five minutes and she hopes to cut it down to 1:30-2.00 minutes, I think some rather harsh cuts will have to be made in order to make this animation possible in the time she has left.

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