Monday, 24 May 2010

Photo Sketches

Natasha originally planned to take screenshots of her 3D models for the photographs on the fridge at the start of the animation, but our group managed to convince her that it would be a lot easier to use 2D drawings, that way she wouldn't have to model several different versions of each character showing aging and clothing changes. I offered to do the line art for these drawings since I've had experience trying to copy other people's art styles in the past (mostly thanks to the Beryl the Peril project back in first year) and I can usually adapt my way of drawing quite well. I also thought it would be excellent practise for the future, since if I ever manage to get a job in the 2D animation industry, changes are I will have to fall into an existing style.

Natasha sent me screen shots of her character models for me to use as reference, though I had to improvise when it came to drawing the boy as a baby/toddler. I actually found it a lot more difficult than I was expecting due to the character's unusual proportions and sunken areas of their faces creating skin shadows that were difficult to convey through line. It took quite a few hours of studying the screen shots and rubbing out mistakes before I finally produced something I was happy with. I've tried my best to keep the proportions as accurate and close to the models as possible and I think they look fairly similar. For the boy I mostly shortened his hair and made his face rounder/eyes bigger to show him at younger stages, as his present incarnation is already quite young to begin with, so I imagined his features wouldn't change that drastically. I also used a few Internet references to draw certain aspects of poses and props that I wasn't sure of, which you can see below. The situations the characters are drawn in were Natasha's choice and request.

Once finished I sent the sketches to Natasha for her to look over so she could tell me if anything needed changing. I won't continue to clean up the sketches into line art until she is satisfied with them.

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